The landscape of personal transport is changing. People are looking for new, cost-effective, and, environmentally friendly modes of transport. This is especially true for inner-city commuters, as these rank amongst some of the most populated and polluted areas of any country Add into this the public avoidance of public transport and emptier roadways in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, and it’s clear that we are on the cusp of a green transport revolution.

While it’s fair to say that cycling is still the people’s choice when it comes to green travel, many are realising the positives of opting for a scooter. A scooter’s biggest strength is its simplicity. Not only is it easy to use, requiring a fraction of the physical exertion of a bike, but it can quickly collapse down into very compact and ergonomic bundles (especially when compared to the cumbersome shape and weight of a folding commuter bicycle). The simplicity carries over into maintenance too. Effectively just two wheels and a metal frame, there are no brake cables, cranks, and chains to upkeep, and in some cases solid or reinforced tyres prevent punctures.

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