CBD oil also known as Cannabidiol is a natural compound derived from cannabis plants. Unlike traditional Cannabis, Cannabidiol is free from the psychoactive compound THC. As a results CBD offers many of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the side effects.

Although research on CBD and its effects is still very much in its infancy, there is undeniable mounting evidence that suggests it can offer relief for many conditions and in particular anxiety.

HOW CBD Oil Works

CBD oil stimulates key cell receptors in central nervous and peripheral nervous systems. Although, its not yet fully understood exactly how CBD affects these receptors, it’s hypothesized that CBD affects serotonin signas.

Serotonin plays a key role in mental health. Low serotonin can causes mood swings, irritability, depression and anxiety. Typically low serotonin levels are treated with harsh drugs which often cause their own own problems within the body. CBD has shown promise as a natural alternative with many people successfully managing their symptoms on CBD alone.

In a small study on a group of individuals suffering from social anxiety disorder, the group was treated with cannabidiol revealing changes in blood flow within the regions of the brain linked to anxiety control.

In this study, CBD was able to change the way the participants brains responded to anxiety

In this study, cannabidiol not only made participants feel better but also changed the way their brains responded to anxiety.

Is CBD Legal?

Because CBD is extracted from Hemp, there are no toxic or illegal chemicals in it. It’s completely legal and widely available. However, as CBD has grown in popularity, there has been a rise in the number of vendors selling poor quality CBD. Always ensure to source your CBD from a reputable source such as CBD Oil Ireland

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