Wearing an ill-fitting bra can ruin the silhouette of even the most flattering ensemble but a few simple steps can ensure a perfect fit every time. Unearth that measuring tape, follow our quick and easy guide to measure your Bra size and say goodbye to discomfort, red marks and unsightly bumps in all the wrong places.

Measure Your UnderBust

Step one
With a cloth measuring tape, measure around the chest and directly under the breast. Add five inches to this measurement. For example, if you measurement is 31, add five and your back size becomes 36in. If you measure an uneven number, just go up an inch to an even number.

Step two
Now, measure around your chest at the fullest part of your bust. With your arms down by your sides, the tape should be held flat on your back. Make a note of that measurement to calculate your cup size.

Find Your Cup Size

The full bust measurement minus the underbust size gives you your cup size. For example, a half inch difference gives you an AA Cup size, one inch difference gives you an A cup, two inches is a B cup, three inches a C cup and so on. There are many bra size calculators online that can help with this step if necessary.


  1. If your underbust measurement is 31in, you add 5 inches and your bra size becomes 36.
  2. Subtract this from full bust measurement (e.g. 42in). 42 – 36 = 6” difference. Cup size is E.
  3. Therefore bra size is 36E.

Studies have shown that wearing an ill-fitting bra, or even the right sized bra for too long can lead to constricted breathing, irritable bowel syndrome, and even an increased risk of breast cancer.

Where To Shop

It is important to try on a few styles before purchasing a new bra to find the ideal shape for your curves. Online retailers worth investigating include Debenhams and the Ophelia who have a great range in all sizes with regular sales and promotions.

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