If there is one thing I’m exceptionally gifted at, it’s clumsiness. Of course this means that a lot of my possessions (and sometimes friends) have a really bad time because of this. I’ve lost count over the amount of replacement phones I’ve hard over the years.

I’ve always avoided phone cases because I always really liked the slim look and feel of my iPhone and didn’t want to ruin the aesthetic.

So I recently decided enough was enough and decided to take the plunge and get myself a decent case. I ended up coming across CaseFace, an Irish phone case supplier (Support Local).

So after a really, reaaaaly long browsing session (they have a lot of designs) I ended up opting for their White Marble Monogram case. It’s a really minimalist marble design that you can customise with your name and I thought it would compliment my phone perfectly.

I was really impressed with this case. It looks amazing, its not too bulky and it seems to protect my phone really well. I haven’t actually dropped it yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long until I do.

It’s got little raised edges around the sides and the camera so it seems to protect pretty much the whole phone which is perfect for me.

CaseFace have a huge range of cases for iPhone, Samgung and Huawei models so if you’re looking for a great phone cover then you should definitely, check them out.

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